The Self-Made Bundle


+ $25 Monthly
(includes hosting & DIY platform)
+ $124 Monthly
(includes hosting, DIY platform, & Reputation Management)

Includes:  5 Pages + Build unlimited additional pages from scratch

Additional Features Included with The Self-Made Bundle
= Included
= Excluded

✓ Video Tutorials
SSL Security
Google Maps Integration
 Social Media "Deep Links"
(ex. FB link opens in FB mobile app when installed instead of browser) (See Option)
 Social Media Management (Learn More)

 Cross Browser Compatible
 Connect Your Domain
 On-Site SEO DIY Options
 Local SEO Setup (See Option)
 Local SEO Monthly (Learn More)

 Onboarding Support
Worry-Free Cloud Hosting
Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Optimization
 Free Augusta Hollerin' Dollar Listing with purchase of Reputation Management (See Option)
 Pay Per Click Google Ads (Learn More)
 Site Login
Real-Time Traffic Stats
Make Your Own Updates
Kingdom Web Pros Blogging Platform (Learn More)*
E-Commerce (See Option)*

Available Blank Templates

Option 1
Blank Canvas #1
Option 2
Blank Canvas #2
Option 3
Blank Canvas #3
Option 4
Blank Canvas #4
Option 5
Blank Canvas #5
Option 6
Restaurant Blank Canvas #1
Option 7
Restaurant Blank Canvas #2
Option 8
Restaurant Blank Canvas #3
Option 9
Blank Canvas Waves
Option 10
Online Store Blank Canvas

Learn About Reputation Management

Reputation Manager is a tool that makes it easy for you to manage your online reputation.

Online reviews are one of the most important factors when it comes to a successful local search strategy. Research identifies three key ways that a proactive online reputation management strategy can help local businesses:
  • Improve Consumer Trust: Searchers feel more confident in a business’s ability to deliver great service if they have a high review score and review quantity — this helps businesses to convert more inquiries into sales. According to BrightLocal research, 57% of consumers will only use businesses that have '4 or more' stars. 
  • Improve Click-through Rate: Google returns star ratings and review counts in their local search results. Searchers are more likely to click through to a business with a higher star rating and review count. Interestingly, a business gets 25% more clicks from Google’s Local Pack by going from a 3-star rating to a 5-star rating. 
  • Improve Rankings: Having more positive reviews than your competitors helps make sure your business is returned for a local search. Currently, local search experts believe that reviews make up 16% of all local ranking signals. 
In the past, it’s been difficult for online marketers to influence online reviews. After all, marketers don’t typically have face-to-face interactions with customers, and rarely dictate processes around customer interactions — this is why Reputation Manager was built. The platform sends intelligent review invites to customers, providing the business with the best possible chance of receiving new online reviews that fit in the top review sites’ guidelines.
It also gives detailed reporting and customer feedback for internal reporting, which helps you to develop your business over time.

There are three parts to Reputation Manager:

1. Monitor Reviews

Keep track of your reviews across the review sites that matter to you in one easy-to-understand report. Monitor the growth in reviews, fluctuations in star ratings, and receive valuable new review alerts so you can respond to feedback rapidly.

Once your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) and Facebook accounts are connected to your review monitoring report, we will check for new reviews every day. You'll also be able to respond to reviews on these sites directly from within this report.

2. Get Reviews

Grow and enhance your reputation by generating more reviews on the sites that are important for your business.

Create email or SMS campaigns to contact your customers and invite them to give feedback on your service (using a 0 - 10 NPS rating), then direct them to your chosen sites to submit reviews.

Every email and landing page can be customized with the logo, colors, and text to match any brand. We also have Link and Kiosk Modes available to capture reviews at the point of sale, and beyond.

3. Showcase Reviews

Beautifully display your customers' reviews from across the web on your own pages to deliver powerful social proof and increase conversion rates.

With Showcase Reviews, you can use Reputation Manager as an end-to-end solution for managing your reviews.

Reputation Management is included in the Golden Bundle or highter.  

We Finance!

If the only thing holding you back is the lump sum payment, let's talk!  We may be able to work with you.*

*Note:  We do not run a credit report.  We simply make a case by case judgement call based upon many variables.  We hope we can work with you!