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Build Out 1 Home Page per the following format.  
(Wait for copy and imagery to proceed... ✓ Provided).

New home page being built can be viewd HERE.

✓ Main Logo

✓ Picture (to be provided)

✓ About Store

✓ Picture (to be provided)

✓ About Us (Family)

✓ Family Pic (to be provided)

✓ Store Info (hours & location)

✓ Email Signup

✓ Social Links

✓ In House Delivery blurb?

Link for Credit App?

Landing Pages for SEO

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North Augusta







Provide Info with subscription link options for Blogging below.

Provide Info with subscription link options for SEO below.

Discover if WAZE listing issue can be addressed by our SEO pros

Deactivate Pop-Up Email Capture Feature

Finish authenticating Google Analytics

Confirm Email Account (provide info to login, etc.)

Craft automated Welcome Email for when a captured email occurs.

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Ongoing Local SEO

(See Your Full "SEO Assessment" Below This Section For Your Convenience.  This is the data that was originally emailed to you.)

From 1998 onward, members on our team are some of the most experienced SEO professionals in the U.S. Many of us have been around longer than Google. Through the years our team has earned considerable recognition and respect throughout the SEO community, as well as an A+ Rating with the BBB. We offer a high-performance SEO program ideal for businesses seeking local SEO help. What separates a local SEO campaign from a national or international campaign is the intense focus we place on gaining local-based keyword rankings. Local SEO is essential for all companies, but especially critical for businesses that focus exclusively on a local community.

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SEO Assessment for:
Bird & Branch Furniture


Thank you for inquiring about our SEO services. I'm excited to share the highlights of your SEO review with you, followed by the full review below:

  • The website's performance and loading speed are very low. Please refer to this link for core web vitals and their SEO importance. 
  • The website could benefit from additional content and the addition of pages that highlight each type or category of furniture the client sells. This way, more keywords can be utilized and added throughout the website.
  • There is a sign-up pop-up, and pop-ups are not SEO compliant as they remove the ability for Google to index and find the page to display within search results. It is better to add it as a banner with a CTA button.

Kingdom Web Pros Digital Marketing Review

May 08, 2023

[Download Printer-Friendly Report]

Here at Kingdom Web Pros, we consider ourselves a family. Trust and teamwork are among our greatest strengths. Whether our clients are local or abroad, our primary focus is to uphold excellence in quality, design, functionality, results, and customer satisfaction!

Our goal is to promote products, services, and tools that will enhance the profitability and success of YOUR business or personal life! As the wise Zig Ziglar once said, "If you will help enough other people get what they want, then you will eventually get what you want!"

Simply put, if we can't contribute to your success, we don't want your business! We strive to earn our place in the marketplace by making it a better place for everyone we serve.

SEO Assessment

An SEO assessment was performed on the birdandbranchfurniturecom website to identify SEO weaknesses and the feasibility of launching an SEO campaign. General on-site optimization issues have been outlined in detail below.

1) TITLE Tags

Each web page can have a unique page <title> tag which tells search engines what the page is about. The page title is one of the most important SEO elements, and the home page is the most important page of any website, including birdandbranchfurniturecom.

Web Page Title Tags are Too Short: Page title tags should be used to their full capacity. When page title tags are too short, keyword targeting opportunities are lost by not taking full advantage of the tag to maximize keyword targeting opportunities. Google allows page title tags to be up to 68 characters in length. For, we found that the home page title tag and some interior web page tags were far less than 68 characters in length, missing keyword targeting opportunities.

Web Page Title Tag Keyword Quality: The incorporation of quality keywords that appeal to a large audience is critical to maximize both traffic volumes to birdandbranchfurniturecom and sales conversion rates from that traffic. We found that the selection of keywords currently being targeted within the title tags of the home page and some interior web pages could be significantly improved, allowing for increased opportunity to generate activity through the website.

Home and Interior Page Title Tag Keywords are Non-Ideal: Relevant target keywords have been selected for the home page and some interior page title tags, however, better target keywords exist which are either more relevant, or equally relevant, but are more popular. SEO potential could be improved by adjusting the target keyword selection.

Web Page Title Tags Duplicate: Google's Webmaster Guidelines strongly emphasize the need for unique page title tags throughout the website that reflect the specific purpose of each web page. For, duplicate page title tags were identified on some interior web pages.

Web Page Title Tag Keyword Positioning: Research has shown that the position of a primary target keyword within a page title tag impacts how influential that keyword is for search engine rankings. Currently for the page title tags of the home page and some interior web pages of birdandbranchfurniturecom, targeted search phrases are not at the beginning, leading to diminished search engine ranking opportunities for those search phrases.

2) META Description Tags

Like page title tags, META Description tags are also seen within search engine results listings. META Description tags provide details about the purpose of each page and when crafted professionally can influence click-through rates from the search engines to a web page.

Web Page META Description Too Short: META Description tags relay details about a web page and influence click-through rates. The content delivered through the search engines to search engine users should be relevant, descriptive and compelling. For the META Description tags of the home page and some interior web pages are too short and do not adequately speak to people finding these listings on search engines.

Home Page META Description Duplicate: The home page META Description tag on is not unique and is a duplicate with other interior web pages. Google's Webmaster Guidelines strongly recommend that each web page have a unique description that represents the purpose of each web page. Duplicate META Description tags fail to describe the uniqueness of each page and the purpose of the page, while also potentially diminishing the opportunity to capture competitive search engine rankings.

3) Content Optimization

 In order for Google to identify the important keywords phrases of a website, keyword targeting must be consistent between the page title, META description and the bulk content of each web page.
There must also be enough content on each web page to effectively communicate to Google about the purpose of the page. Web pages cannot rank well for search phrases that do not exist throughout a web page.

Web Page has Too Little Content: The home page and some interior pages of birdandbranchfurniturecom have too little content. Google does not receive enough direction from the web page to describe what the web page is about, or to implement target keywords which could improve the opportunity to capture competitive search
rankings. It is difficult for any web page to capture search engine rankings for search phrases that do not exist on page.

Website Loads Slow: The overall user experience on a website is a major ranking factor with Google, which includes the page load speed. If Google perceives that a web page loads slow enough that it can impact a user's experience negatively, Google will penalize the website or web page. Unfortunately, the birdandbranchfurniturecom website is being flagged by Google as having a slow load time. We strongly recommend looking at options to speed up your website, which can include image optimization, code optimization, page caching or even changing web hosts.

Website Pop-Ups: The overall user experience on a website is a major ranking factor with Google, which includes a general dislike of on-page pop-ups. Google consequently penalizes the web page. While page pop-ups can serve a beneficial function for the website, and even visitors, they should be avoided for the benefit of SEO. Subscriptions, promotions or other pop-ups can be implemented in other ways while remaining effective.

Poor User Experience: The overall user experience on a website is a major ranking factor with Google, which includes the functionality and aesthetics of a website. If Google perceives that a website's aesthetics or functionality will impact a user's experience negatively, it will penalize the website. Google wishes to display the best possible websites in its search results, and websites that appear inferior to Google, right or wrong, will be penalized. Google understands how people interact with a website and will prioritize more appealing sites first in their search results. While our opinion is subjective, we feel that the birdandbranchfurniturecom website may be receiving a ranking penalty due to aesthetics and/or functionality issues. However, SEO will still be effective and will certainly improve the current online status of the website as other ranking issues can also be resolved.

Website has Too Few Pages: The website has too few web pages, reducing its ability to capture meaningful search engine rankings. Google's perception is that web pages that are shallow cannot adequately inform people who visit the website. Furthermore, it is difficult for a small set of web pages to cover all of the potential search phrases that people may use to find the various products and services offered by a website. It is recommended that each product or service offered by a website has its own dedicated web page. This allows for an increased focus for keyword targeting and more informative content regarding a particular product or service.

Home Paqe Keyword Density: Relevant and popular search phrases were found on the home page of birdandbranchfurniturecom. However, the overall frequency of these keywords, known as keword density, is too thin. Target keywords should stand out with multiple references on each web page in a tactful manner.

Home Page Need Local Optimization: The website serves a local audience, however, the integration of local phrases (city or state) on the home page are not in proximity of target keywords. This makes it difficult for the search engines to associate strong keyword rankings for the communities that the website serves. Location phrases should be considered keywords and should also be in proximity to target keywords that represent the products and services that the website offers.

Home Page Keyword Focus: Competitive SEO requires focused keyword targeting, ensuring that the same target keywords are implemented throughout the page title tag, META Description tag and within the bulk content of a web page. The home page of birdandbranchfurniturecom is not in sync: Target keyword integration within the readable bulk content is not supported by the keywords implemented within the page title tag. This lapse in
keyword targeting focus will reduce search engine ranking potential.

SEO Service

We provide comprehensive SEO solutions designed to produce long-term growth. In addition to addressing the issues outlined above, we ensure search engine ranking growth each and every month. We have a dedicated SEO team which includes some of the most experienced professionals in the  industry. Outlined below are specific tasks that we address for the SEO campaigns that we manage.
  • We produce fast results with measurable improvements within the first month.
  • We provide ethical "white hat" SEO services, which are considered acceptable by all major search engines.
  • Averages between 1/3 and 1/10 the cost per click compared to Google Ads.
  • We must demonstrate ranking growth each month.
  • We provide an industry-leading SEO performance guarantee.
  • Our senior SEO engineers are some of the most experienced in the world.
  • We provide a complete solution addressing both on-site and off-site SEO.
  • We understand that your bottom-line is sales, notjust clicks.

Industry-Leading Performance Guarantee:

We offer an industry-best SEO service performance guarantee, covering all areas of search engine growth.
  • Capture a minimum of 5 new keyword rankings from relevant search phrases that have generated search results on Google. This ensures campaign growth by capturing new keyword rankings each month.
  • While individual rankings may rise or fall, there will be a minimum net gain of 15 positions for all tracked keywords. This ensures that the campaign is growing by established rankings continuing to improve.

Core SEO Task Summary

KEYWORD RESEARCH - Identify high-demand search phrases likely to generate sales.

INITIAL ON-SITE CONTENT OPTIMIZATION (VISIBLE) - Optimization of the visible readable content on your website, with consideration of your target keywords. Up to 10 web pages.

INITIAL CONTENT OPTIMIZATION (NON-VISIBLE) - Content optimization improving non-visible HTML elements including META tags, Page TITLE, Alt Tags, etc. Up to 10 web pages.

TECHNICAL SEO EVALUATION - Observation of the overall technical SEO health of the website. Includes the review of the web page load speed, mobile responsive design, SSL hosting, inbound link quality, crawling issues, robots.txt, sitemap and other technical factors that impact the performance of the SEO campaign.

TECHNICAL SITE DESIGN EVALUATION - Observation of the overall SEO health of the website. Includes the review of the on-page link crawling, content crawling, content impact on search, internal & external duplicate content, devalued content, pop-ups, below-the-fold content, page count, infinite-scroll issues, and other design factors that impact the SEO performance.

WEBSITE PERFORMANCE RECOMMENDATION - If needed, performance recommendations addressing conversion improvements, customer engagement, messaging, aesthetics or issues that could improve website performance.

WEBSITE ARCHIVE - Archival of web pages targeted for optimization before and after the initial SEO work is implemented. This provides a snapshot of each web page addressed by the SEO campaign.

WEBSITE CONTENT & LAYOUT RECOMMENDATIONS - Provided on an as-needed basis, the recommendation of new web pages including SEO landing pages or pages that can help with the performance of the website (improved conversion rates). Assistance will be offered if recommendations are made.

BUSINESS DIRECTORY SUBMISSIONS - Inbound links and business profiles through directory listings. Includes major business portals like and Merchant Circle. Entire network includes 200+ listings.

ONLINE YELLOW PAGE SUBMISSIONS - Link building and profile submissions through Online Yellow Pages websites like, and Dex.

GPS & MOBILE MAP SUBMISSIONS - Link building and profile submissions across GPS Systems like TomTom, Chevy, Toyota and other automotive manufacturer's phone and mapping services.

VOICE RECOGNITION & SEARCH SUBMISSIONS - Link building and profile submissions through voice search technology like Apple's Siri, Windows Phones and Android Devices.

LOCAL SEO - Creation and/or optimization of up to two Google My Business listings.

SCHEMA MARKUP - For compatible CMS', the addition of basic markup in JSON-LD format.

SEARCH ENGINE SUBMISSIONS - Website submissions to over 25 US-based search engines, including all major engines and numerous secondary search engines.

ADAPTATION TO SEARCH ENGINE RANKING UPDATES - Google implements over 500 ranking adjustments per year. We make adjustments to your campaign to accommodate these changes.

ONGOING SEO SERVICES - Ongoing SEO tasks to ensure long-term campaign growth. A "whatever it takes" strategy to work on the specific elements of SEO that will produce the best results per the budget we have to work with. On a month to month basis the campaign will need to have different tasks prioritized, ranging from more content, page creation, content optimization, inbound links, keyword targeting, data highlighting, strategy adjustments, website corrections, bad link removal, etc.

XML SITEMAPS - Construction of XML sitemaps to ensure search engine BOT crawling and to identify crawling issues. Sitemaps are crawled by all major search engines.

BAD LINK CLEANUP - If bad inbound links are identified during the SEO Evaluation, we post the bad links to the Google Disavow Links tool to reduce their negative impact on search rankings.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS ACCOUNT CREATION - The creation of a Google Analytics account (if one does not exist). Evaluation of website traffic to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the website, and to provide performance feedback.

GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE CREATION - Creation of a Google Search Console account for Google. Google Search Console provides direct feedback from Google covering performance metrics about your website. This information is used to identify problems with the website, the campaign and to provide direction for future SEO work.

MONTHLY RANKING REPORTS & UPDATES - Campaign progress updates and a search ranking report showing rankings for relevant keywords on Google.

DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING - With over 25 years of experience, our digital marketing team has seen all that the internet has to offer. Tap our knowledge to help you to make the most sense of what works on the internet.

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