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Valid 1/28/2024 - 2/29/2024

E-Commerce Landing Page Bundle


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+ $49 Monthly*
(includes hosting & unlimited updates)

NOTE:  Integrated with Stripe (or similar) with Capability for one time and/or residual payments, to produce e-receipts with unique number for ID.  KWP will aid and guide client in the set up for payment option(s).  *KWP monthly fee is separate from and does not include any third party fees charged by merchant account and their related features (ex. transaction fees, monthly if applicable, etc.).

Each additional page after initial 1st page build will be $100 once for build.

Additional Features Included with E-Commerce Landing Page Bundle

 Professional Site Design
 SSL Security
 Google Maps Integration
 Social Media "Deep Links"
(ex. FB link opens in FB mobile app when installed instead of browser)
 On-Site SEO
 Connect Your Domain
 Worry-Free Cloud Hosting
 Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Optimization
 Cross Browser Testing
 We Make Updates for You
 Reliable Support

Start Today!

$49 monthly includes Hosting, Maintenance, Login, Status, & Updates.
Monthly service starts one month from today.  Provided swift cooperation by all parties involved, your site can be up in running in as little as 7 days.
$920 once + $49/mo

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